December 18, 2019 noah

Zoho CRM and MarketingHub – The essential information on how these 2 applications can help increase your ROI

Zoho MarketingHub, as an implementation partner, can help your marketing scheme generate cold leads, integrate with any dialing systems.  You can generate leads on your own or integrations with additional platforms. As an integration consultant and developer for Zone One, I would recommend using this MarketingHub platform because of the robust functionality.  

MarketingHub has an easy to use “all-in-one” interface you get the following benefits:

  1. Adding leads manually
  2. Creating “Sync” workflow as part of your integrations with Zoho CRM
  3. The ability as a developer to “Clone” your lead lists without having to re-build lists
  4. Implementation Partners can use MarketingHub to integrate with their website Signup Forms, Engagement platforms as well as web applications

MarketingHub also allows your development of a marketing strategy to follow a “Journey” of all leads.  A journey helps you to take a lead and create automated marketing actions. Developers use these marketing actions that use triggers to start a journey.  Once the lead is in the journey, it then can follow automated processes that are actions to be performed on leads that have entered the journey. These actions are like a workflow in that these actions are integrations of segments of conditions that are setup by the Zoho One developer to move the lead through the journey.

The beauty of using Zoho CRM and MarketingHub is that this product helps you to successfully manage marketing activities across multiple channels.  With the integration with Zoho One, any developer can easily track leads that have been synced in MarketingHub. You will be able to generate more leads, convert them into customers and help your business to retain these clients over time.

MarketingHub does have a learning curve that developers need to be prepared for as this Zoho One application connects all of the core functionality together.  Below is how the interface for MarketingHub Dashboard shows the key data points to help you administer your progression.

This new application in the Zoho One platform truly lets you use your integrations across different channels such as email, social media, website, and SMS.  You can incorporate all of the Zoho One campaign module features to use the analytics in MarketingHub to run a more targeted marketing solution as well as integrating with well-known third-party applications such as Salesforce, G Suite, Twillio, Zendesk just to mention a few.  

Zoho One suite of integrated products help to enhance the ease-of-use that MarketingHub has developers excited about.  Three of the best Zoho applications that you will see a benefit from are: Zoho Forms, Zoho Sites and Zoho Survey. Just like in Zoho One, MarketingHub uses scores and tags in order to segment out your marketing efforts.  With this MarketingHub will allow you to have cumulative scores to help you recognize high-performing leads. This will then allow your developer to build a better mousetrap or as we say in this day and age, build a better strategy to achieve better results.

This application allows you to integrate with your websites through using API’s to send events between your website and your integrated Zoho One solutions.  The benefit(s) of this process all circle back to the ease of use of MarketingHub, the in-depth reporting of this application and to see the ROI of what your marketing efforts have done.  This process can help you to analyze what products are selling to what types of clients and to help you gauge what areas or states are seeing better marketing results.

When using MarketingHub and Zoho Campaigns together, you will be able to judge how effective your email and sms campaigns are.  Through the design of these campaigns you will be able to see what verbiage, cosmetic design and demographic data you can leverage to increase contacts as well as sales.